Domestic photovoltaic PVB film packaging double glass building components

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Okorder obtained by the German Rhine technology certification center (TUV Rheinland) issued by the encapsulation double glass photovoltaic building component product certification, the product can be used as new building materials, directly used in buildings, this symbolized our pv integration of building energy conservation products reached the international advanced level, the scientific research achievements for the society advocating environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction play a positive role.

PVB Film For Glass

Double glass photovoltaic building components (BIPV), is a kind of solar photovoltaic modules, namely a encapsulates the special laminated glass solar silicon wafer.According to data shows, with double glass photovoltaic photovoltaic roof building components built area of ninety-three square meters, account for up to 10 octaves, produce an average of five flows, can save about one thousand nine hundred kilograms of standard coal, reduce six tons of carbon dioxide, as a result, this new type of double glass photovoltaic building components for solar energy clean energy and modern building perfect combination, the save conventional energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions is of great significance.
The current widely used in solar photovoltaic components encapsulation materials mainly has two kinds: EVA (ethylene/poly (vinyl acetate) membrane and PVB film (PVB).The present domestic only several double glass photovoltaic components manufacturing enterprises, adopt EVA film packaging, it doesn't accord with the requirement of construction safety norms in our country.PVB film after high temperature and high pressure molding, better than EVA film bonding, glass membrane anti-uv ability far more powerful than EVA, at the same time have a higher penetration resistance and better after fracture performance, more can conform to the requirements of the safety features of the glass walls and roof.

King kong PVB film (PVB) double glass photovoltaic building adopts low iron high strength monolithic cesium potassium flameproof glass as substrate, is pioneering new photovoltaic building integrated products in China.Set power, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, safety protection for the integration of multi-functional building materials of new products.Solved the previous pv products use EVA film (ethylene/poly (vinyl acetate) membrane for safety performance is poor, cannot be applied at the top of the lighting, curtain wall, building part of the problem such as shading.

The product can be directly applied to the building envelope, again on the building envelope to reduce ever set up photovoltaic modules of repeated investment, thereby reducing the cost of the application of solar energy, a new clean energy.

Protective Surface Removable Pvb Film For Laminated Glass




Experience has shown that the development of Germany and Japan in the urban development of photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation effect is very good, especially combined with photovoltaic (pv) and architecture, which can reduce the cost of system, and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, photovoltaic building valuable urban development.

National ministry of finance, housing and urban-rural development in nine years in February issued "solar photovoltaic building application fiscal subsidy funds management interim measures for the implementation of safety standards and conform to the national construction of double glass photovoltaic building integrated components (BIPV) will actively promote the advent of popularization and application of the technology in our country, the industry construction speed and the application of new clean energy grid-connected.

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