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Wear resistant high safety coefficient, good sound insulation effect of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film after it is widely used in automobile and construction, in recent years, and opened up a new application space in the field of photovoltaic panels.If growth consulting companies in the United States, the stern Sullivan in analysis and prediction of research report, published in May, in the next few years, PVB film demand growth, market growth potential is tremendous.

Threshold high industry concentration
PVB mainly for the automotive and construction industry manufacturing laminated safety glass, namely the PVB resin first pressed into thin film, and then embedded in between the glass to make laminated glass plate.Safety glass in the interlayer materials to absorb impact energy, and the material sound insulation effect is good, resistance to ultraviolet light.At present, about 89% PVB used in the production of construction and automotive safety glass, 4% in photovoltaic materials, the rest of the 7% used in the paint, glue, dye and other materials.2008, global consumption of PVB resin for 270000 tons, the market size of about $2.2 billion, with the stern Sullivan, expects demand in the future this product every year will increase to 6% average annual growth rate, consumption will reach 410000 tons by 2015.In 2009, the market value of about $1.524 billion of global PVB film, expect the market to 7.9% a year growth rate increased rapidly.

PVB film manufacturer mainly has four - solutia, Sekisui, dupont and Kuraray, they account for 96% of market share.Solutia is one of the biggest manufacturers, its products are mainly used in automobiles and construction.Sekisui's products are mainly used in automobile industry, Kuraray and dupont, has an important position in the emerging photovoltaic material application, but dupont cars and construction industry is facing the loss of market share.

Because PVB film industry needs large capital input, the mature technology and integration of production process of raw materials, so the higher threshold.Currently, there is no other product to replace PVB film, although ionomer may pose a threat to it in the future, but now the cost is too high.

Is application of a large car market
The car industry is one of the biggest PVB film terminal customers.Safety glass is mainly used in automobile windshield.Auto industry safety standards are very strict, so the safety glass is a big demand.In Europe, the government has forced people to use safety glass.According to statistics, in 2009 the market value of automotive PVB film was about $818 million.Relevant organizations, expects the market will increase to 6.5% average annual growth in the future.

PVB Film




In addition to use in the windshield of the car, PVB film can also be used in the edge of the window.Removable side window must be very wear-resisting, currently used by most of the removable glass material is still fragile, safe enough, so the mobile side window using safety glass in the future will be more and more, and the car's rear window and is developing towards the trend.

Construction dosage was 80%
PVB film as the sandwich materials embedded in the safe glass, mainly used in office building, the dosage of this part of PVB film in 80% of the total amount.In 2009, the consumption of the global construction industry PVB film of 89000 tons, generated $614 million in sales.Although already on the market at present useful ionic crosslinking polymer made of glass, but it is only for special users, mainly used in the Windows of the hurricane.

At present, many factors promote the application of PVB film in the construction industry.Some government issued measures mandatory residential building use safe glass, PVB sheet with good sound insulation effect and its performance are wear-resistant heat-resistant promoted the demand of safety glass.But if the future cost of ionomer dropped significantly, it is likely to become the threat of PVB products.

Photovoltaic (pv) has good application prospect in the market
PVB film in photovoltaic panels are mainly used as sealing material.Photovoltaic panels is the feature of long life, generally up to 20 years, and manufacturing chamber of commerce in a variety of means to prolong the life of the panels, sealing material is a good choice.Sealing material solar cells and photovoltaic panels can be firmly sticking to the surface, so that we can make the photovoltaic cells under high temperature and strong ultraviolet radiation also can maintain stable performance.Sealing material of panels cost 3% ~ 5%.

At present, there are two main types of photovoltaic panels with sealant, elastomers and thermoplastics.EVA as a kind of elastomer material, in the sealant market occupies the largest share, PVB as thermoplastic material, market share, second only to EVA.

Kuraray is the biggest manufacturer of photovoltaic PVB film market, 35% of the share;Dupont, followed by accounts for about 31% of the share.But at present dupont and solutia is rapidly expanding its photovoltaic sealing material market.Xin fu pharmaceutical company, association, kay technology co., LTD. Is China's domestic main photovoltaic PVB film producers.

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